• Tony Rendle thumbnail

    Tony was born and raised in Dartmouth but spent some years away whilst serving with the Royal Navy, predominantly at Culdrose in Cornwall where he was also a crew member on the Penlee lifeboat.  More ?

  • Matt Studd was a Lifeboat crew member for three years.  More ?

  • Jim Brent

    Jim Brent was one of the two tractor drivers for the launch crew.  He lived in Dartmouth for fourteen years with his children and married Linda in 2010.  He was the publican of the Ship in Dock Inn, Chairman of the Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta, and grounds man for the cricket league in Coronation Park.  Jim’s granddad was involved in the Hastings lifeboat, giving Jim his introduction to the RNLI.  He used to row on the River Thames at Hammersmith before moving to Dartmouth and this led him to organize the crew into entering the Great London River race in 2011 when they rowed the Ryder, the original Looe lifeboat, from Greenwich to Richmond in the race.  More ?

  • Lifeboat Heads 277

    Chris Wallace was a Dart lifeboat helmsman and Sea Safety Advisor.  More ?

  • Andy Carter

    Andy Carter was a lifeboat crew member and joined up at the beginning of the Dart lifeboat’s existence.  More ?

  • Andrew, known as Squiff, is a Dart Lifeboat helmsman.  More ?

  • Lifeboat Heads 279

    Al Duffy is a Dart Lifeboat crew member.  More ?

  • Lifeboat Heads 273

    Lloyd Turner has been a helmsman since the Dart lifeboat was first set up.  More ?

  • Steve Oakey

    Steve Oakey was a Sea Safety Advisor for the Dart lifeboat.  More ?

  • Jo Escott

    Jo was the Souvenir Secretary for the Dartmouth branch of the RNLI for four years until January 2012.  More ?

  • Mug Shots lifeboat 1806

    Harry Escott was chairman of the fundraising committee and filled this role from 2009 until September 2013.  More ?

  • JH best

    Janet Hall became the Dart Lifeboat Assistant Press Officer in 2010.  She retired to Dartmouth from London in 1995 with her late husband and they owned a Westerly Konsort cruising yacht, frequently crossing the Channel.  She worked in publicity and press in The Design Council and the campaigning organisation Charter 88.  She was also involved in fundraising and volunteer press work in the early stages of building of The Flavel community arts centre in Dartmouth.  More ?

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    Rachel was a member of the RNLI Dart lifeboat crew until she moved away from the town in 2015.  More ?

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    Ty Hall joined the lifeboat crew and went on his first shout in August 2015.  More ?

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