No. 275
Title: A false alarm call after flares were sighted
Date: Tue 8th Nov 2016
Location: Search from Noss Marina to Cornworthy beach. River Dart

Launch Statistics

Time ...
of launch request: 9:50pm
to launch: -
from alert to incident: -
spent at incident: -
to recovery: 1 hour, 4 mins
back on service: 11:10pm
Conditions ...
Wind: North Westerly, 13-24 knots
Sea State: River choppy 0.6m waves. Visibility poor in rain s

Orange flares were sighted upriver of the Noss Marina and the Coastguard requested the inshore lifeboat to investigate. After searching in difficult conditions it was established that the flares had been let off by Royal Marine Commandos during an exercise. The Commandos had informed the Falmouth Coastguard but the message had not reached the Solent Coastguard who responded to the reported sighting.
Lifeboat crew Buster Hart, helmsman. Chris Rampling and Stuart Millard, crew.
Shore crew. Mark Conroy, tractor driver. Dean Nettleton, Jamie Mathys, Katy Locke and Will Davis, crew.

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