No. 312
Title: Search for swimmer when clothes found
Date: Tue 5th Sep 2017
Location: Blackpool Sands. Start Bay.

Launch Statistics

Time ...
of launch request: 7:38pm
to launch: 0 secs
from alert to incident: 7 mins
spent at incident: 25 mins
to recovery: 59 mins
back on service: 8:55pm
Conditions ...
Wind: Northwesterly, 7 - 16 knots
Sea State: Calm inshore

Whilst on exercise in the Range Dart inshore lifeboat were alerted to an incident at Blackpool Sands. A walker had found a pile of clothes unattended on the shoreline. The Dartmouth Coastguard SAR team had been asked to search between Blackpool Sands and Strete Gate. On being informed of their position the Falmouth Coastguard tasked the lifeboat to assist in the search. The lifeboat crew found a lone snorkeler 30m from the shore. He had started with a body board attached to himself and a dan buoy but unfortunately the line became caught and he had to cut the board free. When he surfaced he was unable to locate the board. He appeared to be fit and well and he was escorted to the shore. The lifeboat crew searched unsuccessfully for the board. He was given some advice about the advisability of swimming with a buddy or at least having an observer on the shore, especially in times of reduced visibility.
Lifeboat crew. Chris Tracey, helmsman. Stuart Millard and Dean Nettleton crew.
Launch crew. Pete Callis, Tractor Driver. Caleb Brown and Tom Shanley crew.

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Stock Photo of 'Spirit of the Dart' by Andy Kyle

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