May 2014 update

Jeanne Stevens in Salcombe shop web

Jeanne Stevens, Friend of the RNLI Salcombe lifeboats, in the Salcombe RNLI shop

The most exciting development in the last month has been the proposal for the RNLI to open a Visitor centre and Shop in Dartmouth. The following piece is the news release sent to the local papers.

After six successful years operating out of Dartmouth, the RNLI now has plans for a Visitor Centre and Shop in the town. A recent survey by headquarters staff has concluded that the town could support an RNLI outlet within easy reach of the Pontoon and Boat Float. A location alongside the existing lifeboat station was not considered suitable.
RNLI Dart Lifeboat Chairman Ed Featherstone commented,
"One of my ambitions as the new Chairman was to investigate whether we could have a RNLI shop in Dartmouth, as in Brixham and Salcombe. To my great surprise, when I asked RNLI headquarters about the prospects, they told me they had already studied the town and decided that we merited a full blown Visitor Centre. This would be a shop combined with exhibits, some of which would be interactive, depicting the history and current work of the 190 year old charity that saves lives at sea. As well as customers who walk in, the centre could take organised school groups. I believe a Visitor Centre will be an asset to Dartmouth as well as the RNLI"
Once a suitable property is located, it would take about 6 months for fitting out and commissioning the centre. The Project Manager would be Branch Committee member and Strete resident Tracey Lucas, who said,
"To get the go ahead for the project we need to prove to the RNLI that we can generate enough volunteers from Dartmouth and the surrounding villages to staff the centre. Although we won't need them for at least six months, we need an indication from people now that they may come forward when we commission the centre. There is no commitment at this stage"
If you would like to volunteer to help staff the RNLI Visitor Centre, contact Ed Featherstone at  or on 07889 953 974.
Contact for this News Release: Ed Featherstone, Chairman RNLI Dart Lifeboat Branch 01803 835328 or 07889 953 974

Do keep your eyes open in May, if you shop in the Dartmouth Sainsburys store, for their Charity nomination forms. They are in the process of choosing the local charity they will support for the present year. They chose us in the year 2012 -13 and raised enough to train Rich Eggleton as well as to pay for some equipment in the station. They encouraged us to apply again so it is up to the public to nominate us.

Posted on Thu 24 Apr 2014 by John Fenton Dart RNLI LPO

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