November 2014 update


Operations Update
Dart Lifeboat’s last launch on service was on 11th November to an 18m ex-trawler which was reported to be sinking. The vessel was on a remote mooring at Noss. The lifeboat was able to take aboard a small salvage pump and were later joined by further pumps from DHNA. As the water level in the bilge receded a faulty pipe to the cooling intake was visible as the culprit and a temporary repair effected. A video of this service can be seen on the station website.
The previous launch was on 30th September; perhaps the longest time we have gone without a launch. This was surprising as the weather in the autumn was good with many enjoying and using the river and coast. Of course our training sessions both afloat and ashore are as busy as ever.

Dart Lifeboat Station had their annual inspection on Monday 17th, 18th and 19th November by the Divisional Operations Manager, Richard Weeks and the Divisional Technical Manager, Mark Evans. The purpose of the visit is to check that all records of equipment, lifeboat, training and personnel are up to date and accurate, as well as to assist us with any advice we may need on new procedures. Part of the duty of the D.O.M. is to exercise the boat on the water and on this occasion to assess the competence of a prospective helm, Jamie Mathys.
We were all delighted that Jamie steered a sound course through the tests he was set and has passed out as a competent helm. This brings our compliment of helms to 6 within a total crew of 20.
Richard and Mark were able to report that Dart Lifeboat station exhibited excellent morale with a high degree of team work and further was fully compliant in all aspects.
Rob Clements

Chairman’s Corner
Ed is taking a well earned holiday this month, so over to me to give you a brief update and to tell you about a few events we have coming up.
First of all; news on our Visitor Centre. It is still early days. However the RNLI Head Office are currently working with contractors to agree quotes for the structural and building work. Nothing has yet been agreed but they do have a “preferred bidder” who is a local company.
We will, very soon, be putting some advertising in the windows of the building so that passers-by can see that a Visitor Centre is coming to Dartmouth
We are hopeful that the fitting out of the interior can start in mid to late November and Head Office are also in the process of viewing creative design proposals with the plan to choose a company who will begin creative construction in January/February. This is the time that the initial launch promotions will start and will include a recruitment drive for volunteers, so watch this space if you would like to join the team.
I will keep you up to date with our progress, but in the meantime, if you would like to join my team of volunteers, whether it be on a regular basis or just as an occasional helper, please email me at
There will be a final chance to purchase your cards and calendars from the RNLI on Friday 5 December when I will be in the local market.I and the team look forward to seeing you.
Do look out for your copy of Dart D’Tales which is being distributed now. Most are distributed with By the Dart but small bundles are left at various venues in Dartmouth and Kingswear. We are looking for someone who travels between Dartmouth and Kingswear who could leave them at four venues in Kingswear. Please contact John Fenton on 01803 770761 if you can help.
Tracey Lucas, RNLI Fundraising Branch. Events

Posted on Fri 28 Nov 2014 by John Fenton

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