Five rescued from Hire Boat aground on Flat Owers

Launch No: 380
Craft: Spirit of the Dart. D-702
Friday, 19 April 2019
Location: Flat Owers. North East of Dittisham. River Dart
Coastguard technicians take rescue rafts to the vessel
Photo: Will Davis RNLI
Coastguard technicians take rescue rafts to the vessel

Five teachers hired a motor launch from Dartmouth and at 10.50am, one hour after high water, went aground on the Flat Owers mud bank up the River Dart. Falmouth Coastguard tasked the Dart RNLI D class to assess the situation. The boat was found to be 150m from navigable water and a crew member was given permission by the Coastguard to assess their condition, take them water and provide a radio for communication. In view of the length of time before they would float free the Coastguard decided to deploy their mud rescue teams from Teignmouth and Prawle. The Teignmouth team assembled on Greenway Quay, inflated their rescue raft and two Coastguard mud rescue technicians and their equipment were taken on board. In the mean time the Dart RNLI B class crew had been assembled at the lifeboat station and, with the permission of the Area Lifesaving manager, brought the Prawle Coastguard team and their equipment to the scene. Three Coastguard technicians towed the two rescue rafts across the mud, trailing two 200m floating lines. The D class crew took one of the lines to the B class lifeboat through a pulley that had been attached to a moored buoy. The B class was able to pull the rescue raft with three teachers and one technician to the water's edge where they were taken on board the D class and transferred to the B class. By that time the Hire Boat was floating with two teachers on board and could be pulled by the two technicians to the D class. The D class crew transferred the Teignmouth equipment and coastguard team to Greenway Quay and the B class lifeboat accompanied the Hire Boat and took the Prawle team and those rescued to Dartmouth.

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Coastguard technicians preparing to embark 3 casualties to a rescue raft.
Photo: Will Davis. Dart RNLI
Coastguard technicians preparing to embark 3 casualties to a rescue raft.


Request Received 11:31am
Time at incident 3 hour, 37 minutes
Time to recovery 4 hour, 19 minutes
Back on Service 4:30pm


Sea/River State River Calm
Wind Direction East-Northeast
Wind Strength 10 knots
ais track of Dart RNLI D class from Marine Traffic

Map: trackaship universal

Lifeboat Crew

Rich Eggleton (Helm)
Will Davis
Haydn Glanvill

Shore Crew

Pete Callis (Tractor Driver)
Dani Lodge
Stuart Millard
Steve Wallis

Deputy Launch Authority

Station address

RNLI Dart Lifeboat Station
Coronation Park
North Embankment
Devon TQ6 9RR

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