Mayday call activated by malfunctioning VHF radio

Launch No: 349
Craft: Spirit of the Dart. D-702
Wednesday, 1 August 2018
Location: Darthaven Marina. Dartmouth Harbour.

Falmouth Coastguard tasked the Dart D class lifeboat to respond to a Mayday signal coming from the area of the Darthaven Marina. The signal had been accidently sent out by a fitted faulty VHF radio on a vessel at the Marina. A Dartmouth Harbour Authority boatman traced the vessel through the Darthaven list of those at the marina and spoke to the owner. The lifeboat was then stood down and returned to station.


Request Received 9:27am
Time at incident 11 minutes
Time to recovery 30 minutes
Back on Service 10:10am


Sea/River State River Calm
Wind Direction South-Southwest
Wind Strength 2 knots

Lifeboat Crew

Rich Eggleton (Helm)
Stuart Millard
Tom Shanley

Shore Crew

Pete Callis (Tractor Driver)
Will Davis
Haydn Glanvill
Dani Lodge

Deputy Launch Authority

Station address

RNLI Dart Lifeboat Station
Coronation Park
North Embankment
Devon TQ6 9RR

Contacting the Station

The station is unmanned. Find contact details for each member of the RNLI Dart team here.

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