Shoreline search for missing person

Launch No: 118
Craft: Ole Schroder. D-740
Saturday, 23 July 2011
Location: Dart Estuary and River Dart

A person was reported missing and HM Coast Guard tasked the lifeboat crew to search the shoreline of the Dart Estuary from Warfleet to Warren Point while the mobile CG shore teams and Police search parties checked the coast from the land. At 13:22 the crew were redirected to search up the river as far as Higher Noss. At 02:20 the searchers were stood down but the land based search teams returned at 07:00 and the person was located at Warren Point and transferred to Hospital. Lifeboat crew; Buster Hart, Helm. Kevin John and Ewen Menzies crewmen. Shore crew Jim Brent assisted by Tony Chapman, Lee Darch and Steve Wallis.


Request Received 11:41pm
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